brad4cd1.jpg (9522 bytes) Bradipos IV - Instro Mania!! CD (band email:, Om Om Music email:

Intro, Mysterion, Tijuana's Stomp, Forbidden Island, Surfin' Sloth, Work Song, Dirty-Phonic, Barracuda, Brainless Girl, Stompin' Tune, Prisoner In Orbit, Positano, Carmela, Kissin' Bonobo Roll

Say, those Italians really know how to rock! Outstanding and original surf sound on this first album from the Bradipos IV, far surpassing the earlier 7" of theirs I've heard. The cover photos show a foursome with two guitars, but there's an organ in there too on just about every track. And it's definitely the right kind of organ - at times spacey or cheesy, but never barfingly poppy. Take a song like Forbidden Island, and you get a typical example of their sound - dark bass, creepy organ, bubbling reverbed rhythm guitar, and strong lead git on a rolling surfy melody. Movin' and groovin' on sort of a go-go rhythm with Dirty-Phonic, outer space stompin' reminiscent of the Bomboras on Prisoner In Orbit, and an exotic surfy sound on Carmela (which actually reminds me of Satan's Pilgrims). Great surf album in a great package from Om Om!