bossmcd2.jpg (6164 bytes) Boss Martians – The Jetaway Sounds Of The Boss Martians LP/CD (,   Hillsdale -

Hangar Party Stomp, Lost Luggage Frenzy, One Loud Turbine, Stewardess More Peanuts Please, Ode To A Baggage Handler, My Favorite Planemaker, Irving The Swingin’ Air Traffic Controller, 2 On The Wing, The Airline Broke My Surfboard, What’d I Fly, Boeing Boeing Gone!, Story Of The DASH-80

Tired of surf music? Well, here’s a fine alternative in the form of Jet-Transportation-Rock from the Boss Martians, on their second album. Mostly surf-style instro with deft guitar work and sustained background organ chords. The two vocal tunes on here are fun tributes to the world of air travel. The Ray Charles romp What’d I Say is done up in a frat-stomp instro style, with jetplane sound effects added for atmosphere. Great album overall – the Martians usually have more like a half ‘n half split between vocals and instro on their other albums and singles, but they can certainly cut it instrumentally.