bombrcd5.jpg (9284 bytes) Bomboras – Head Shrinkin’ Fun LP/CD (, Zombie A Go-Go -

Land Of The One Percenters, War Of The Satellites, Project Zero, Run And Hide, Go-Go Bombora, Adventures Through Inner Space, Night Of The Bomboras, Hot Line, Beyond The Sound Of Time, Mystery Planet, Keep In Touch, Swingin’ On Pier 13, Mile Zero, Playa De Los Muertos, (You’ve Got To) Get In Line

The Bomboras are definitely at the head of the class as one of the most energetic surf / garage combos around, and it’s cool that they put in the work to tour on this album. I think this is their fifth album, and their first on the Zombie A Go-Go label. Highly amped and fast melodies with big reverb and moving farfisa organ. Project Zero is a great example of the kind of wall of sound these guys get - dig the way the bassline and organ oscillate against the guitar part. Coupla vocals on this album – Run And Hide, Keep In Touch, and Get In Line. Like their previous Pier 13 album, they’ve got some definite Ventures fuzz influences on here too, like their version of Hot Line and also the "Ventures in Space" style intro on Adventures Through Inner Space. Also another great package job by Shag, with incredible board-game style graphics for each song.