baroncd1.jpg (6437 bytes) Baronics – Get Bach! CD

(Vivaldi) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, (Mozart) Rondo Alla Turca, (Bach) Invention 1 & 13, (Pachelbel) Kanon, (Beethoven) Moonlight Sonata, (Mozart) Serenade No. 13, (Bach) Bourree

Yup, this one’s just what it looks like – surfy versions of familiar tunes from classical composers. Let’s thank our lucky stars this ain’t some kinda "Hooked On Classics" crossover deal where a surfy guitar is just mixed onto symphonic arrangements. The Baronics are here by themselves – a fourpiece combo from Canada with a clean and precise guitar-led sound. Nice slow surfy guitar on the "Winter" portion of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, almost greek sounding double-picking at the end of Kanon, and a fun fast rhythm on Bourree.