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Intensity!, The Wedge, Central Coast Swing, C Alpha E, Bikini Machines, Tempted, Napuljska Gitara, Avalanche, Golden Spike, High Wall, Chase, Invasion Of The Reverb Snatchers, Sweet Spot, Latinia

Second cd from these Croatian surf music heroes, and very nicely done again. Even though their sound is similar to a real trad surf style, there's something about the Molesters that's kinda different and innovative sounding. They've got a real strong two guitar sound with lots of reverb and great melodies. Mostly original tunes on this one, with a few covers - The Wedge, High Wall and Latinia. The Bambi Molesters have a great audio esthetic that works very well with surf music - they seem to know when to be sparing with certain instruments, and then when to pour it on too. Napuljska Gitara (based on a traditional melody) is a great example of their sound - dark, ominous bass and rhythm guitar underneath a trebly, fun lead melody. This kind of contrast is what makes the cd very engaging and highly listenable. Nice packaging and graphics too.