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Wanganui, Long Gun, Hawaii Joe, Catatonya, Big Time Action, Point Break, Sun Stroke, Standing On The Nose In A Stylish Manner, Tremor, Glider, Hot Water Pool, Beach Murder Mystery, Coastal Disturbance, Landlocked, Pearl Divin'

Man, I love when someone new like this comes along! Yeah, I know the Bambi Molesters aren't BRAND new (this disc came out in 1997). But they've got a real strong, fresh surfy sound that has very impressive interplay between lead and rhythm guitar over melodies that really grab you. Did I mention that they're from Croatia, and they've got the full vintage gear setup? This disc was essentially recorded live in Zagreb - all in one sitting with no overdubs, and then mixed by Phil Dirt in California. Every song on here is very evocative of surf music and the beach - with different paces and rhythms. Songs like Hawaii Joe, Point Break, and Glider are just gorgeous, and then there are harder numbers like Big Time Action.