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Quasimodo, Bikini Jungle, Hotbox, Dos Whammies, Haunted Beach, Longboard, Aquanettes Theme, Disintegration, Undertow, Teenage Surf Vampires, Seashore, El Spectre, Flatline, Night Of The Gremmie, Cat On A Hot Foam Board, Sandymonium

16 songs, a couple videos, and more – all on one cd! Solid album from North Carolina’s ‘lads, with a good trad sound and a lot of originals. Prominent rhythm guitar on most of the tunes, with big double-picked reverb parts on songs like Longboard and Undertow. Night of the Gremmie has almost a ska rhythm, which reminds me of some of the Halibuts’ tunes. My favorite is El Spectre - spooky-sounding with a little fuzz - but there really aren’t any weak ones in the bunch.